PCB-Polymers – The PP compounding specialist

PCB Polymers, a leading producer of polypropylene compounds offer a wide range of products and technical assistance, and an individual approach to development projects, which makes us more than just a manufacturer of plastics.

PCB Polymers designs, produces and sells PP compounds for applications in automotive parts, building and construction (bitumen), household articles, toys, packaging and furniture: Plastics have taken off in a big way over the past few decades. It would be almost impossible, today, to imagine a world without plastics.

Thanks to years of experience, we have come to master the art of upgrading and modifying polypropylene better than any other operator in our sector. It is therefore also not that strange for us to call ourselves (in all modesty): The PP compounding specialist.

We use a wide range of clean and type-specific raw materials for the production of our compounds and we use PP waste products to produce a broad assortment of high-quality compounds.

We have proven that economic progress and a better environment can go hand in hand. As a fellow processor of polypropylene products, you, too, can make the most of this fact.

Pure Profit
Regardless of where and how you use our compounds, you can always expect the highest and most consistent quality levels: Comparable to the levels obtained in virgin PP materials. The only decisive difference is in the pricing. And, as a buyer, we believe you can benefit from that advantage.